6 Famous Streets of London Giving a Chance to Your Photography Passion


Capturing photos of famous destinations while visiting any new place is one of the common activities performed by all of us. In-fact, the craze of taking selfie’s from smartphone has given new dimensions to the practice of taking pictures of various locations without help of any expensive camera. But, have you heard of photography in the streets, especially which are crowded throughout the day, but have gained huge popularity throughout the world because of their architecture and historical relevance.

This might be quite surprising for almost every person, but yes, this is true and this you will realize during your visit to the London. The streets located in the mesmerizing London city have emerged as the synonym of famous tourist destinations throughout the world, compelling the visitors to not only visit this ancient city of historical and cultural importance, but also capture the glimpse of this beautiful city under their lenses as an everlasting memory of their life.

Let us have a look at some of the famous streets of London for photography and shopping also:

Knightsbridge: Apart from having the plethora of renowned art-galleries, museums, churches, and beautiful places, London is paradise for shoppers and therefore names of various streets in London are named after the name of exclusive stores of some branded groups located in their heart. Harrods in London is considered as one of the most expensive and renowned shop which is located at Knightsbridge street. So, along with shopping you are also privileged to capture of this famous street while entering inside the Harrods and coming out hands carrying the shopping bags of items purchased from the store.

Harrods: Street Photography London

Saville Row: If you are a food freaky person and do not want to leave any opportunity of enjoying the taste of delicious cuisines, then Saville Row street has everything to offer you with fleet of some luxurious hotels situated in the street. Not only this, the street also has fascinating showrooms of luxurious cars located at the Park Lane of the street where you can give a chance to your eyes and lens of camera to have a taste of luxurious cars.

Oxford Street: Oxford street may be considered as the heart of London city which houses more than 300 shops under its beneath. If your soul mate is alcoholic of carrying new bag every time whenever she goes out, then undoubtedly this is the best place for you to make her happy. Similarly, if you also suffer from the craze of capturing your selfie from your smartphone then you will be tired of capturing your photographs while visiting this commercial street of London during your visit to the city.

Seething Lane: This can be considered as one of the oldest streets in London, whose history dates back to 1257, when it was named as Shyvethenestreat. After few decades, it was named as ‘Synchenestrate’ and then in 1386 it was named as Cyvyndonelane.

London Street Photography

Carnaby Street: The street is mainly recognized for its famous cultural background and fashion. Falling between Oxford and Regent Streets, the street is paradise for professional and amateur photographers. The street houses restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, boutiques, and shops. Along with your selfies, you can also click the photos of huge crowd moving in the street for various purposes. You also have an opportunity of capturing the photographs of live events being organized in different shops.

Fleet Street: Often referred as “Demon Barber” because of the famous shop operated by Sweeney Todd, the street has offices of renowned newspapers located in its heart. Apart from this you can also have a glimpse of the Sherlock Holmes house while crossing from this street.

Well, the above are just a piece of some renowned streets in London, which were visited by few my friends while visiting this beautiful city during their vacation. If you have abundance of time and money in your pocket then you need to plan a long vacation to capture the photographs of renowned places of this fascinating city while exploring it.

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