Travel the Busy Streets of London & Shoot the Untouched Moments of Life


If you are a traveler, and a street photographer lives in you, then you must travel the London. The city is loaded with countless streets, each has some uniqueness and has own story from development to become a busy street. If you can spend several hours, sometimes a whole day for busy urban street photography, then London will welcome you all by its heart. Well, you are definitely in London for a couple of weeks- if you are a traveler. So, exploring every street is not possible for you. You can capture some famous streets of London which are enough to fill the memory of your camera.

Piccadilly: London

Photographers love the places where they can find something happening to shoot. Piccadilly is the street which can fulfill the street photographers’ dream with its active approach. Whenever you visit this street, some kind of event, show, exhibition, and some other activities are always there to entertain the visitors, tourists and locals. You can also find the best restaurants of London on this street with delicious cuisines.

 Abbey Road:
The busy street near Redbridge in Westminster has become the crowded street after featured on the album, The Beatles’ cover photo. Since then, tourists and locals come to this street and click pictures on the zebra crossing. And thus, you can also get the opportunity to click the moments which they have left uncaptured.

Oxford Street:
The busiest street in the whole Europe is the best destination for traveling, shopping, wandering, and of course for street photography in London. After all, you have got plentiful moments to capture in the camera. People gazing at the shops, buying varieties of goods, doing window shopping, annoying husbands accompanying wives in the shopping, girls with their friends busy in shopping something good stuff for them- a lot of moments you can click on this Oxford street.

King’s Road:
King's CrossThis is one of the premium #streets in the #London for high-profile people and celebrities. The street looks magnificent with arrays of big stores, expensive cafes and restaurants. Here, you can find the delicates and celebrities busy in shopping, eating and drinking, and capture their moments in your camera. However, if you are also a high profile person, then you can go inside some store or restaurant to collect more moments and memories in your camera. After all, to sit and to shop here, you will need a very good bank balance and a hefty amount of money in your wallet.

Portobello Road:
If you want to capture the Londoners in your camera, then come to this street. However, you can find worldwide tourists also here, because of its affordable market. You can save a lot of money if shopping from this street. People who are enjoying the cheap shopping and celebrating the happiness of saving a few bucks on a new dress can give you several chances to shoot them through your camera.

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