A Walk to the Streets of London for Capturing Beautiful Memories


London is the city of dreams with plentiful places where you can find your dream to live. Well, in this twenty first century, everyone is a shutterbug with a high-end camera and loves to click the moments he or she finds blissful wherever goes. It’s not about the immature photography. I am talking about the photography which can give your passion a right direction.

London is a very big city with lots of hidden gems, busy streets, and bustling lanes where you can have a good collection of street photography with countless moments, which can give you the destinations for your interest of photography. Here, I am trying to list the few locations which can make your camera happy, hopefully:

Regent Street

Regent Street:
The West End of the city sometimes feels classic with its pavement. If you love morning time, then you must come here walking down from Oxford Circus to Piccadilly Circus. You can see the shadows of people in a magical way on the street which is making it more fascinating to capture in the camera.

Camden Town:
If you are a photo addict, then you cannot ignore this location. The bustling market with a crowd of tourists is the perfect theme for capturing the moments of people wandering around shops and eateries. You can capture lots of faces and their quirky or sweet acts in your camera. Beware with the punks and give a thought or two before showing camera against them.

Brick Lane:
The lane with several curry houses and street art is no doubt the best destination for street photographers or the shutterbugs who love to capture the eccentric pictures of London people and their lives. Well, people here won’t give you strange reaction when you will be taking photographs. The Sunday morning is the best time to click pictures at Brick Lane.

If you don’t want to limit your enthusiasms to the people around the streets and also shoot for events, then you can also get the opportunity of event photography on London streets easily. Just find out the events and festivals which are soon going to organize in the city, and head to the event to capture the fun moments and drunken people.

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